#7 The Law of Respect

From the book “The 21 Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell

#7 The Law of Respect - People Naturally Follow Leaders Stronger Than Themselves

When people respect someone as a person, they admire them.  When they respect a person as a friend, they love them.  When they respect a person as a leader, they follow them.  That’s how the Law of Respect works.  

People don’t follow others by accident.  They follow individuals whose leadership they respect.  Someone who is an 8 in leadership (on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest) doesn’t go out and look for a 6 to follow - they  naturally follow a 9 or a 10.  The less skilled follow the more highly skilled and gifted.

On the other hand, there are instances where strong leaders may choose to follow someone weaker than themselves.  But when that happens, it’s for a reason.  The stronger leader made do it out of respect for the person’s office or past accomplishments.  Or they may follow the chain of command.  In general though, followers are attracted to people who are better leaders than themselves.  That is the Law of Respect.    

The more leadership ability a person has, the more quickly they recognize leadership-or it’s lack-in others.  

Leaders go their own way when a group first comes together.  However, very quickly people change direction to follow the strongest leaders.  People naturally align themselves and follow leaders stronger than themselves.  

Those closest to leaders respect them the most.  Real leaders push people to achieve not just professionally but also personally.  

How many will follow?  The greatest test of respect comes when a leader creates major change in an organization.  In order for leaders to accomplish this it requires a strong vision and significant investment of time and energy in building relationships.  

#7 The Law of Respect - People Naturally Follow Leaders Stronger Than Themselves

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