The Greatest Salesman In the World - The Scroll Marked I

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If you are in sales or simply want to read a positive message about spirit, perseverance, and success…I encourage you to read The Greatest Salesman in the World written by OG Mandino. I read this book for the first time 20 years ago and to this day it is one of my Top 5 books. It’s a very quick read and I’ve re-read the book each year of my life using the affirmations to guide my journey.

Over the coming days/weeks I will share a brief summary of each Scroll (aka affirmation).

The Scroll Marked I

“Today I begin a new life. Failure is mankind’s inability to reach his/her goals in life, whatever they may be. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. I will form good habits and I will become their slave. Each scroll contains a principle which will drive a bad habit from my life and replace it with one which will bring me closer to success.

I will read each scroll for 30 days in this prescribed manner, before I proceed to the next scroll. First, I will read the words in silence when I arise. Then, I will read the words in silence after I have partaken of my midday meal. Last, I will read the words again just before I retire at day’s end, and most important, on this occasion I will read the words aloud.

Herein lies the hidden secret of all mankind’s accomplishments. As I repeat the words daily they will soon become a part of my active mind, but more important, for when an act become easy through constant repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it is a pleasure to perform it is mankind’s nature to perform it often. When I perform it often it becomes a habit and I become its slave and since it is a good habit this is my will.

Today I begin a new life. And I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing will slow my new life’s growth.”

Here is a link to obtain this wonderful read if you are interested.

I hope this book provides you with guidance for your journey.