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Learn how to properly set your goals to succeed both personally and professionally

Understanding your desires is crucial as it provides clarity and direction in setting personal and professional goals. By delving into what truly motivates and fulfills you, you can align your aspirations with your values, ensuring that your efforts are meaningful and purpose-driven. This self-awareness also enables you to prioritize effectively, focusing your energy on pursuits that resonate with your passions and long-term objectives.

Establishing routines and tasks serve as the backbone for achieving your goals by fostering consistency and discipline. Routines provide structure and stability, helping you stay organized and on track amidst life’s inevitable challenges and distractions. Breaking down your goals into actionable tasks not only makes them more manageable but also facilitates progress monitoring and adjustment as needed. Through the diligent execution of routines and tasks, you cultivate habits that reinforce your commitment to success, ultimately propelling you forward on your journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

“It’s not what we do once in awhile that shapes our lives, it’s what we do consistently.” - Tony Robbins

Use the Performance Edge Concept (Source: GrowthDay) To Have the Best Year of Your Life - (show up and summon the best of who you are with greater frequency and intensity and grace)

For most people automatic pilot is not aspirational.  Being aspirational requires you to summon the best of who you are (it requires work for summoning the best of who you are with greater continuity, frequency, and intensity).  You need to lean into the struggle and give yourself grace when you do not overcome the struggle.

It’s important to live with a gratitude mindset as much of your day is possible!

Use this framework so you do not leave things to chance…

The Framework above is overarched by:

  1. Mindset - positive and gratitude
  2. Surrender - letting go to things you cannot control or mistakes you’ve made

4 Desires Diagram (Draw a triangle…1st 3 below are on each outside angle of the triangle with #4 in middle)

  1. Aliveness - ex passion, fitness, freedom, presence (Most meaningful pursuit - summon the best of who I am), etc.
  2. Deep Connection - quality of relationships 
  3. Meaningful Pursuits - purpose or fulfillment (deep connection to the pursuit)
  4. Growth - in what we do…what is the growth after the goal is achieved…

Desire Examples

How to Realize the Enormity of your Superpowers

  1. Self Regulation - this is your greatest superpower (high self-awareness of thoughts, feelings, actions and being able to dial it up or down depending on the scenario) - HINT: use the dial on your heart to adjust your breathing and thoughts…learn how to calm yourself down “PUT HAND ON HEART & DIAL IT IN”; this should be a big goal.  Also, this superpower must be grounded in gratitude…Self Mastery requires daily journaling so you track your habits and stay on track.
  2. Social Influence - the ability to impact others purposefully (It’s a skill, it’s not how you feel and it must be summoned by training yourself to realize it); read psychology and personal development books
  3. Service - (In the middle of connecting self-regulation and social influence); empathize with others and help solve problems; be the problem solver in your family and on your team
  4. Spirit - your faith wraps the 3 superpowers (this also needs to be summoned)

Questions to Answer 

  1. What am I grateful for at this stage of my life? 
  2. What did I learn last year (breakthrough/wisdom/ahh haa you want to continue)?
  3. What is your primary desire this year? 
  4. What routine can you develop and commit to in order to manifest that desire?

3 Reasons People Fail

  1. Mental Distortion - Negative thinking and negative self talk (eliminate these when you hit roadblocks and don’t quit); self regulation is the key to not missing the bigger picture and taking the next step vs. quitting (NOTE: Negative emotion comes from negative evaluation)
  2. Fatigue - Tired is a feeling…and not necessarily how you think (fatigue is the true thief of our dreams and needs to be combatted against); DIAL IT DOWN based on our actions and thoughts; need to combat fatigue constantly…avoid scrolling and mental overload (avoid stacking things and distractions) MAKE MORE SPACE FOR PEACE IN YOUR LIFE (THIS MUST BE PART OF YOUR TASKS & GOALS)

    • Try not to start new projects just because they provide you pleasure instead of tackling the things you do not like (VERY IMPORTANT - avoid turning away from things that are uncomfortable or hard)
    • Avoid consuming (most mental fatigue starts here) and start thinking (create space to think)
    • Start your day with affirmations & end it with a release meditation (these will help get you through the day and finish it on a positive note)
  3. Peers - The social dynamic around you needs to be positive…spend more time with awesome, ambitious, generous people…ditch people that drag you down…

Natalie Ellis (Boss Babe Founder and CEO)

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